5 Important Illinois Radon Questions

Posted 2016/09/26

Unsurprisingly, we often field questions about radon. Beyond the typical “what is radon” (psst – the answer is that it is a radioactive colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that can cause cancer), we’ve put together a list of the 5 most common Illinois radon questions we hear.

1)   Is Radon really a problem in Illinois?

Yes! 41% of homes tested in Illinois have high levels of radon. In Kendall, DeKalb, & surrounding counties, the statistics are higher. If your home has not been tested recently, now is a great time to have a licensed radon tester out to see what your levels are. Anything at or above 4.0 pCi/L is considered the “action point” by the EPA, and you should very seriously consider having a radon reduction system installed.

2)   What is sealing?

When it comes to Illinois radon, the process of sealing can cover a range of things. It may include one or all of the following activities: caulking the foundation wall join, cracks & openings between the house & soil, covering & caulking the sump pit, and covering the crawlspace with membrane & adhering it to the walls & pillars inside.  Your home’s unique design will determine what kind of sealing is necessary for your radon mitigation system.

3)   Can the same person test and mitigate my home?

Unless you are the one testing & mitigating your own home, then Illinois radon policy (specificially 32 Illinois Administrative Code 422) says no. A licensed radon contractor is only allowed to maintain a license in EITHER testing OR mitigation, NOT both. At Trinity, we are happy to setup a radon test with one of the licensed radon testers we recommend on your behalf.

4)   Should I get a post-test?

We guarantee our systems will reduce radon levels to be less than 4.0 pCi/L. Often times people ask if they should bother with a post-test. Our answer is yes! Since you can’t taste, smell, or see radon, the only way to know what your levels are is to test. If your post-test comes back higher than 4.0 pCi/L, it is our responsibility to come back out to make it right.

5)   I’m building a home, should I test my soil?

Generally, no. Testing can be very expensive & studies have shown do not correlate well with radon measurements performed after the house is completed and functioning. A better alternative would be to ask your builder to include a “passive radon reduction system” in your home design. It has been shown that having an active system installed during construction can save you $400-$900 on activation (should your post move-in tests come back at or above the action level). If you need your passive system to be activated, it MUST be done by a licensed Illinois radon mitigation contractor.

Have more radon questions? We’re happy to help! Give our offices a call at 630-499-1492 to find out more.

Radon Mitigation Professional

Posted 2016/09/02

At Trinity, we require our Radon Mitigation Professionals to take continuing education courses. This helps to keep them sharp, up-to-date on best practices & able to provide the best service to our customers.  Each year, our Radon Mitigation Professionals have to complete a minimum of 6 credit hours toward their radon continuing education.

These continuing education courses can cover a multitude of topics, from radon refresher courses, radon in real estate, & even about new radon resistant construction.

Since our Radon Mitigation Professionals are so involved within their industry, they know about new cutting edge technology. It also enables them to best serve homeowners & property managers. It is their goal to provide both exceptional & knowledgeable customer service. These certifications & credits also help to distinguish Trinity’s Radon Mitigation Professionals from their peers.

As our Radon Mitigation Professionals grow within their field of expertise, they bring more knowledge & passion to their jobs. It is exciting to be able to apply new techniques & truly help families live in a safer environment.

It is important to Trinity Electrical & Radon Mitigation, Inc. that our professionals are leaders within their industry. These continuing education courses allow them to be just that. We are proud to employ such dedicated professionals. They are diligent about their careers & passionate about creating a safer home for their customers.  Adding these continuing education courses onto their professional licenses also keeps them in good standing with the State of Illinois & the Illinois Emergency Management Association.

No job is too challenging. Our Radon Mitigation Professionals are sure to rise to the occasion when it comes to installing a radon reduction system. Keep us in mind for your next radon mitigation project. Give us a call today to see how we can help meet your radon needs: 630-499-1492.

Radon & Real Estate

Posted 2016/08/16

Radon &  real estate go hand in hand. Often times, homeowners do not test their homes for radon until they are getting ready to list them for sale. Other times, homes aren’t checked for radon until they are under contract. The good news about radon & real estate is that a high level of radon doesn’t have to mean “no deal”.

Radon can be mitigated.

If the home you are buying or selling comes back with a high result after your radon test, it shouldn’t be the end of the contract. Mitigation systems are easy to to install. The peace of mind that comes with have a customized radon remediation system installed can add value to a home. When a system is installed properly, the radon levels should be reduced below the EPAs action level.

Radon mitigation systems come with warranties.

Trinity Electrical & Radon Mitigation, Inc. has a 5 year, transferable warranty. Whether you are selling your home & have a system installed, or you are buying a home that you don’t plan on staying in for long, a mitigation system is one that is worth investing in. When you go to sell your property, you can assure the new buyers that their radon remediation system comes with a warranty that passes on to them if they ever needed to use it.

Radon levels will be reduced.

When it comes to radon & real estate – there isn’t any wiggle room. The numbers NEED to come down below the action level or the contract could be terminated. We understand that, which is why we guarantee that our systems will reduce the levels of radon below the action level. This allows your home sale to continue on without any issues. If the post-test comes back higher than the action level, we will come back out at no cost to you to correct the issue.

We have partnered with many realtors, home buyers & sellers to make real estate transactions run smoothly. We understand tight deadlines & budgets. Give us a call today to see how we can come alongside you in your radon & real estate transaction: 630-499-1492.

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